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Salt River

Potor’s brother came for a visit.

Somehow we got talking about river tubing. He had never been before, and I had not done it since I was in college. Hence a great expedition was planned. It was very hot and the Salt River beckoned. We answered the call.

Passage on fine, seagoing craft were booked. Provisions were stocked and crew were pressed. Ok, we bought tubes and beer. But, we decided to have fun with it. We decided to outfit our expedition in the fine tradition of the British Navy. For those who don’t know, that means lots of booze.

We purchased sturdy inner tubes for each of us. But more importantly, we outfitted a supply vessel. We knew all the beer would go in a cooler, but we had to protect that vital cargo on our safari. We got an inflatable boat, which fit the cooler perfectly. That would keep our cooler from capsizing and spilling our vital supplies during our trek.

Before embarking we decided that we needed to christen our ships. A disturbing theme was selected. My brother named his tube the Bismarck, I named mine the Yamato, and the supply ship was christened the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Despite tempting fate with our vessel names, we set out on the Salt River for a Friday adventure. The temperature ranged around 110˚F that day, but the cool river made it unnoticeable. The beer helped too.

Potor's Brother

We clipped the tubes and raft together with Carabiners. This came in handy during the daunting class 12 rapids we experienced. Ok, maybe we didn't see that kind of whitewater, but it kept us from floating away from the beer.

Potor's Feet and some fellow travelers

The trip went smoothly. All fellow travelers were in as good a mood as we, and just as friendly.

Just as it normally is floating down the river.

Soundtrack: Sting - All This Time
Refreshment: Red Hook Longhammer

13 Valleys

Thirteen valleys he has wandered for her love
For he thinks he is the one she dreams of
But her bed was made elsewhere
From the first day she got there
Now he wanders thirteen valleys crying out

It could have been me

Soundtrack: Big Country - Thirteen Valleys
Refreshment: Red Hook Longhammer

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Friday, July 11, 2008


My trip to Moscow was a great success. And as a bonus, I have almost no jet lag what so ever.

I was hoping everything would work out this way. After putting so much effort into a project this huge, its good to know our work well be rewarded. In the end, the biggest obstacle turned out to be something easily overcome. Every indication was that the Russians Space Agency would not want to budge on their position no to allow us to film on live flights. But in the end it just came down to money.

After securing the rights to the final 2 films the studio increased our preliminary budget by over $150 million. When the Russians heard we could give them $85 million for filming over 3 flights, they agreed. I couldn’t believe we have actually gotten everybody to agree to this. To think we will actually be doing some principal photography IN SPACE. It blows my mind.

We all went out and celebrated. Since we had been dealing with some highly placed government officials the celebration was quite exciting. They gave use each a ride in a MiG-29. Every one of us puked on our ride. One by one, we made fun of each other as it happed. It looks so easy, but when those G forces hit you and you don’t know which way is up…up comes your lunch. My pilot, Colonel Kurkova, was amazing. He did the most amazing aerobatics and made it look so easy.

And that guy can really hold his liquor. Later that night (when our stomachs felt better) we all went out drinking to this private dance club in Moscow. It was amazing. All the pilots knew the club owners. They were serving this great vodka that I cant remember the name of. It was the best I’ve ever had. I ate way too much caviar and got sick. That was the second time I threw up that day.

But one the best things was that I met someone form the Russian Olympic Tennis team. He invited me to come see their facilities. Since I played tennis when I went to Cornell, I had a great time. They actually let me play 2 games with them and gave me some great pointers. Maybe its not to late to turn pro. Yeah, right.

But now that I’m back I have to get to work on finalizing casting. I cant say who is penciled in as the lead role yet, but its sure to make news when its announced. Just thinking of how much they are going to get paid is mind numbing. But, when you think about the expected revenue of the 3 movies is about 2 billion dollars, I guess the studio can afford it.

I love it when a plan comes together.

You realize this is all BS, right?

Soundtrack: Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes
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Sushi & A Buzz

Friday, June 27, 2008


Soundtrack: Oingo Boingo - Gooodby, goodby
Refreshment: Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA (yes, another, do you have a problem with that! )

Madison Avenue

Why, yes, I think I will rant. Thank you for asking.

I’m tired of bad advertising. Not everyone is clever enough to come up with a Jack in the Box add. But come on, at least try. Uninspired is ok, but some of the stuff we are subjected to is criminal.

Behold...The Worst:

"Webster’s Dictionary Defines [x] as…"

I may not be able to write, but even I know this junior high essay crutch is awful. This doesn’t apply only to advertising, but all writing (even I know that). Regurgitating a definition doesn’t add anything. Its just padding, just trying to increase your word count. But Advertising needs to be concise and that’s what makes its use here so much worse. Yet, the other day I was read the definition of “quality” in a radio spot for a local jewelry store. The sad thing was they didn’t even explain how they thought their store met the definition.


In 1996 the Extreme Games renamed themselves the X Games because they thought the word “extreme” was an over-used marketing buzzword. That was 12 years ago. Yet products are routinely given this label when there is nothing else valid to promote about it. Extreme used to mean exceeding normality to the largest degree. Now it means “We can’t think of anything good about this, but we bet a 12 year-old boy will buy it”

"Easy Drinking"

Does anyone look for food to be “easy-eating” or clothes to be “easy-wearing”? Then, why do we need beer to be “easy drinking”. Have you ever heard anyone say “Oh, this beer is too hard to drink . I need something easier.” Mass produced beer manufacturers spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising and one of the most important things they have to say about their product is that it is “Easy Drinking”. I guess advertising it as “flavorless” wasn’t working.

Must see episode

The phrasing on this is quite varied, but it always boils down to the “Incredible, cannot miss, shocking episode”. Rarely does TV produce shows that live up to that. Most of the time these episodes are standard fair with extra hype piled on top. I actually stopped watching ER because I got sick of them pitching every week’s episode as “unbelievable” only to have it be pretty much the same thing as the week before. ER wasn’t bad, I just got sick of them telling me western civilization hung in the balance of me watching. I’d rather they say “this is a pretty good episode, you should check it out.”

"Action" News

Local news casts are usually piss poor, but that doesn’t stop them from pitching themselves as world class investigators.

ACTION NEWS at 10!!!

Promo shot of them standing in serious contemplation with their arms folded as the traffic helicopter passes behind them.

ACTION NEWS! Hard Hitting, Late Breaking!! The most award winning news team in town!!!

Honestly, what the hell is ACTION news anyway? Do they DO any action? No. Shouldn’t it be READING ABOUT ACTION NEWS or TALKING ABOUT STUFF OTHER PEOPLE DID NEWS. It doesn’t matter, the whole image is blown once you actually watch the newscast of them reporting on the kitten stuck in a tree.

Soundtrack: The Beat - Save It For Later
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Clouds and Bamboo

The view from my cubicle.

Soundtrack: The Damned - Alone Again Or
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm back baby!

I’m sure that my readership has disappeared, and that no one care anymore, but I’ve decided that I need to start posting again. Just as Potor was starting to learn to write, he quits. Its really not very sporting, is it. I know that there is still something to be said. And Im going to pound on those keys until its done.

Never fear.

Complete with soundtrack, as before.

Soundtrack: Psychedelic Furs – All of this and Nothing
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Self Portrait

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